About us

The Company

Showsafe LLC was created by horse owners, for horse owners. We saw a need to provide an efficient solution to manage equestrian activities and improve the safety and efficacy of the horses in their care; for both increased rider/horse safety and performance.

Our Mission

To improve the quality, safety and performance of both the horse and rider to increase enjoyment; bolster the industry in support of the sport, by continually advancing the consistency and accuracy of management and record keeping for equestrian participants.

What We Do

We spend countless time interviewing and involving ourselves with domestic and international competition horses, both personally and professionally, to consistently improve the utility of the software we produce and customize a more user friendly experience. Out integral knowledge, experience and connections allow us to design our software from the horseperson’s side versus the software development perspective..

Why we are different from others!

Our competitors still use pen and paper!


Secure code

Using up-to-date coding standards, and HTTPS not only are you ShowSafe, but you are DataSafe too! 😉


Fully functional

So many features, you might not even use them all.


Best communication

We tried to think the way our grandparents do when using an app for the first time.


24-7 Support

We can be contacted on Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, Phone. Don't forget our Knowledgebase site as well!

Still Have Questions ?

Sometimes it's just not possible to cover everything on one page, but feel free to let us know!